Here we talk about:

*Destigmatizing the word FAT #fatisnotabadword

*Inclusivity for all body types #bodyneutrality

*The journey to self-love

*Food, fashion, health & beauty

*Traveling #plussizetraveler

*Female Empowerment #bossbabe

*Sex, love and relationships

All are welcome.  Be kind to others, be kind to yourself.


Created by body positivity and female empowerment advocate, Carrie Beth ("Cb"),

Curves with Kicks is a haven for all to come and discuss inclusivity, self-love, empowerment, business, fashion, travel & more!


All are welcome and encouraged to connect and inspire each other to thrive in positivity. No matter what race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age - everyone is welcome into this haven to experience love and respect. 

About Cb

Cb has built her career in the Sports Apparel Industry for over

15 years at a major global brand, and is now working for an exclusively plus-size athletic wear brand as their head of product. Cb had the inspiring opportunity to teach Apparel Design & Fashion Marketing at the Art Institutes for over 10 years in addition to her full-time career. And, for over 18 years, Cb continues to work as the Graphic Design & Marketing Manager for a local non-profit organization.

Her passion for coaching and mentoring, her dedication to inspiring those around her to thrive in positivity, her love of community, and her vulnerability in sharing her personal story has fueled her to start Curves with Kicks. 

Please note that all views are my own and do not represent my employers.


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