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13 Items to Pack for Going Tropical

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Here are my top 13 non-negotiable items to pack for my trip to Oahu! These are great for tropical or warm destinations. All of which can be carried-on the plane if you are planning to not check a bag. Also, these items are easily accessible and affordable AND you can get multiple uses out of these over time. Each item is $20 or under! Have items you want to recommend for travel? Comment below!

For my top 8 must-have curvy girl items to bring with you on the plane to feel fresh, prepared, connected and entertained, see my other post here.

Item #1: Make your carry-on bag work for you! Stretch what you bring for your vacation by shrinking your clothes for easy packing. I love these vacuum-free Compression Bags from Target. Simply fill either the small, medium or large bags with your clothing items, roll to squeeze the air out and zip close. There you have it! A shrink-wrapped and flat envelope perfect to slip into your luggage.

Item Price: $20 at

Item #2: As you continue to get to know me, you will understand my obsession over British anything, especially British T.V. One of my most cherished television shows is Miranda starring Miranda Hart. Her mother in the series is known for shouting out "Such Fun" to escape from situations and conversations she does not want to partake in. Miranda's comedic timing paired with her witty, playful and joyful writing makes for a highly enjoyable series that I believe will become one of your favorites, too. You can find her series on Hulu. Follow Miranda Hart on Instagram.

With that said, anytime I travel, I always pack with me a tote bag or two to help with grocery shopping or packing needed things for small journeys once I get there. This adorable "Such Fun" tote bag and many other cute products are from Miranda's shop here.

Item #3: In a time where we are all being more conscious of what we put into our bodies or onto our skin, Dove now offers 0% Aluminum Deodorants in a variety of delicious scents! My pick is the Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent. Find at most grocery stores, pharmacies and at Target.

Item Price: $5.99 at

Item #4: Anytime I travel, I bring a few nose strips with me to continue to clean my skin - especially when exposed to new environments, bacterias, etc. My nose is an area I struggle with to keep clean and zit free. I find that these Biore Witch Hazel Nose Strips work great at deep cleaning my pores and refreshing my skin.

Item Price: $5.99 at

Item #5: Great for flyaway hairs and also a sporty finish to any outfit, I love my Nike head wrap. It is very versatile with different options on how to use. Visit for a variety of options of headbands and accessories.

Item #6: To give yourself a bit of a refreshing finish to your routine, try the Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray. Simply spray a light and even coat on your lady bits.

My favorite scent is the purple bottle "Ultra".

Item Price: $2.99 at

Item #7: In my makeup bag, I have plenty of Elf Cosmetics to choose from. My favorite at the moment are the 18 Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette. I love their cosmetics. They are affordable, on trend and accessible.

Item Price: $14 at

Item #8: To carefully transport my makeup brushes and other long/skinny makeup tools, the Sonia Kashuk Cylinder Makeup Brush Case is perfect! It has a hard construction, so I know it won't collapse and crush my brushes on the journey. My brushes are also Sonia Kashuk and are amazing!

Item Price: $14.99 at

Item #9: Little Barn Apothecary has beautiful natural products for face and body! Ever feel like you can't cool down once you get a bit warm during the summer, muggy nights? Try this Coconut & Mint Cooling Mist. Simply just spray on face and body and the tingling sensation from the mint will cool down your skin. This is great after a workout or hike, or even after just being a bit exposed to the sun on your tropical vacation.

Item Price: 2oz Travel Size $13 from

Item #10: Need to shave on the go? Hate when you find that little spot you missed? Keep this little pup in your bag! Sphynx has a neat portable razor contraption great for traveling or just keeping in you purse. Inside this rotatable, multi-function unit is a refillable water bottle spray, a moisturizing balm and two razor cartridges. You can find this at Target or Ulta in a variety of colors.

item Price: $15 at

Item #11: If you are an 80s/90s kid like me, you remember Zinka. Sun Bum offers a clear 50spf version using Aloe and Vitamin E. Apply this cream before going into the sun and enjoy invisible coverage.

Item Price: $9.99 at

Item #12: Even if I don't wear makeup during the day, I love to wipe down my face with Neutrogena's Makeup Remover & Cleansing Towelettes. My face feels clean and moisturized after wiping down with one of these. It works great for removing a full face of heavy makeup as well! This is my go-to for at home and on the go.

Item Price: $4.99 for 25 towelettes at

Item #13: Back at it with Elf Cosmetics again! I am in love with this Glow on the Go Selfie Light! It works great with you phone or attached to your travel mirror. There are 3 brightnesses, is lightweight and easy to pack. Great for taking selfies for a more professionally lit finish, or just to get better lighting while doing your makeup.

Item Price: $12 at

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