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8 Curvy Girl Must Have Affordable Items to Take on the Plane to Keep You Feeling Fresh & Prepared

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Being a curvy girl and traveling often and far distances, I have discovered a few of my most favorite must-have items that are affordable! And, some of these items I find uniquely helpful for being a curvy, plus-sized woman. These items will keep you feeling fresh, entertained, connect & prepared.

Buy all of these items for only $67! These items are worth more than their price and can be used for much longer than just a single trip.

Item #1: Bring that book you have always been wanting to read! For flights, I tend to grab inspirational and empowering books that get me excited about my future. This month's pick? "You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero. I'll be focusing in on this gem of a book during my 5 hour flight to Hawaii. Target has a great selection of current book titles. Buy online for a discounted price at

Item Price: $8.91 at Target

Item #2: Reduce your worries about picking up some unnecessary germs by wiping down your seat, tray table and air/light buttons using these deliciously but subtly fragrant WetOnes wipes! The "citrus scent" has a subtle coconut and mixed citrus note that is sweet and refreshing. Your seat mates won't be annoyed, trust me. In fact, they will probably ask for a wipe, too. You can pick these up at most grocery stores. I usually pick up a few packets in near the checkout or in the travel size section. I always have one in my car, my bag, my office and extras on hand to restock.

Item Price: $1.49 at Target

Item #3: Ever feel a little sweaty and can't tell if you have an odor? And, you have another flight to catch and are worried your seat mate might notice? Traveling, especially as a curvier person, can be a bit challenging, especially if you are taking multiple flights or moving as fast as you can to catch your flight. It can be warm and stuffy on some airplanes or airports, and it is likely you will perspire a little more than expected. So, to give yourself a chance to quickly refresh without having to dig out your stick deodorant from the depths of your carry on or if you packed it in your checked luggage, do yourself a favor and always keep a pack of deodorant wipes in your bag for the plane ride. My favorite is the Pacifica Natural Bodycare Underarm Deodorant Wipes in the coconut milk and essential oils scent. With an easy wipe down of your pits, under your bra line, or even across your neck/back/arms you can have a quick, shower-free clean up! They are made aluminum-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They are made without parabens, sulfates, pthalates, SLS or petroleum. I typically pick my stash up from or

Item Price: $8.99 for 30 Wipes,

Item #4: If you are like me, on most planes the seatbelt lengths are just an inch too short to clasp shut. And, it can be embarrassing to ask the flight attendant in front of your seat mates for an extender. I discovered universal seatbelt extenders on which I have been able to use on almost all flights I have taken since purchasing a few years ago, There has been once or twice where the seatbelt configuration was different so I had to ask for an extender, but my belt accessory has been a big bonus for me when I travel. Keep in mind that some airlines may require that you use their extender instead, but I haven't had an issue even with the flight attendants knowing I used my own - but just a heads up that there is potential risk that the airline may not allow you to use your own belt extender.

Item Price: $14.99 for Amazon Prime

Item #5: I know we talked about keeping your pits fresh, but let's also not forget about down there. Sitting on your tush for several hours and running around to catch a flight, sometimes your lady bits needs some refreshing. Or, ever have to travel while on your period? These are great to feel even that more clean down there. I love the Always feminine wipes especially the travel packs as they are individually wrapped and easy to throw a few in your bag before taking off. You can find these at most grocery stores and pharmacies as well as or

Item Price: Single box of 20 wrapped wipes $3.29 at Target

Item Price: 2 boxes of 20 wrapped wipes each $9.89 at Amazon, or $16.49 for 4 boxes

Item #6: CHUB RUB!!! It's the worse. To prevent chaffing when running between flights or just to prevent itchiness from sitting for lengths of time on your underwear lines, take a few passes of the Body Glide For Her Anti-Chafe & Moisturizing Balm onto your skin. Especially if you are traveling to somewhere tropical, warm and humid - when you get off the plane and before you head to your transportation, apply this balm to keep your thighs from chaffing while looking fabulous in your sundress or jumpsuit. This product is made from plant-based ingredients. Ideal for bra line and thighs. It is long lasting, sweat & water resistant, and fragrance free! They also have a For Him version and other amazing products! I found mine on

Item Price: $7.99 at Amazon

Item #7: Have a new iPhone and hate when you have to choose between listening to your music or charging your phone? Pick up an accessory splitter from and your problems are solved!

Item Price: $10.99 at Amazon

Item #8: Being a fluffier girl, it is a bit awkward for me to use the tray table in front of me. And, if I am able to have it lay down flat, putting my phone down on it to watch tv or movies for the flight is too low and uncomfortable. For flights where you don't have or are able to use the tv screen on the back of the seat in front of you, here is this AMAZING invention to solve that problem! It lays completely flat and is very lightweight (feather light) but is very durable and can hold even the large iPhone or tablet sized devices without fail. Simply just bend it into any shape you need, tuck part of it into the magazine/tray table frame on the seat in front of you, curve the bottom to hold your device and BOOM! You have an instant entertainment center at your fingertips. Do yourself a favor and invest in The Original Flight Flap on

Item Price: $9.99 at Amazon

Here are a few more photos on how to use the product...

Any traveling must-haves you can recommend? Comment below!

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