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All the Leaves Around: Fall Eats, Full Belly

What is it about this time of year that everything just tastes better?

This is the season for hearty, warm, filling savory dishes and indulgent sweet treats. It's easy to over-do especially with the abundance of holiday parties and pot-lucks happening throughout the season. I find that I can create a schedule and routine with some low-cal go-to's to leave space for the indulgences of autumn. So, keep in mind that the below list contains some of my favorite places to go to enjoy those indulgent treats or recipes to savor at home.

A Day with CurvesWithKicks' Fall Must Eats

Here is a list of my top cravings during the fall and where to find them or how to make them at home...


Shrimp, Grits & Scrambled Eggs at Tree's

Every fall I tend to crave rich, warm, savory and filling flavors. A local dining experience here in Sherwood, Oregon is Tree's Restaurant & Catering. The overall menu is a delectable fusion of Italian and Creole cooking. The executive chef Shannon Johnson studied at the Culinary Art Institute of Baton Rouge and then worked for a world-famous Italian chef which influenced her as she pursued starting her own restaurant here in the Pacific NW. The restaurant is very laid back, family-friendly and casual. Even you can write or draw on your table to entertain yourself. But the food isn't laid back at all. Every ingredient and combination is carefully crafted. Don't forget to save some room for their classic beignets with powdered sugar!

My absolute favorite pairing here are the Shrimp & Grits and a side of soft-scrambled eggs for brunch. Their portions and cost is very reasonable here, so I opt for the small S&G unless I want left overs. The grits are creamy and cheesy, covered with scallions and Creole-spiced grilled shrimp. Add some eggs and the creamy perfection is a gift that keeps on giving.


Crispy Brussel Sprouts and Baja Shrimp Tacos at The Matador

The Matador is known for the Tequila Tuesdays and their Mexican inspired menu with a NW flare. Aside from their delicious guac and crunchy tortilla chips, I have fallen in love with two of their dishes that are my MUST ORDERS every time I go. I particularly crave these during the fall as they have warm flavors and spices.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

These delicious crispy brussel sprouts are roasted to perfection. Topped with salty and crumbly cotija cheese and covered in a very lightly sweet balsamic sauce, this dish is salivating and perfect to start any course at The Matador.

Baja Shrimp Tacos

Oy vey! These lightly battered crunchy Baja shrimp tacos are garnished with a slightly spicy crema sauce, Aji slaw, radishes and avocado. The combo is just flawless. Paired with mild refried beans and Mexican rice, this is just the ideal combo to follow those already perfect brussel sprouts.