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Day 7: Jedburgh & Arniston Cottage

I departed Peebles this morning and headed for the quaint town of Jedburgh to visit the abbey. I was surprised to see that this little town is packed with great historical sights and attractions. Upon arriving to the town, I stopped by their information center. There I crossed paths with a fellow tourist from Canada who was backpacking her way (alone!) through Scotland and England for a month. You all thought I was brave for traveling by myself - I was beyond impressed with this woman.

I picked up several brochures so I could get an idea of what to visit. Directly across the road from the information center is the Jedburgh Abbey which was originally built in 1138. The abbey is the heart of the town. Here are a few photos from the tour.

Next I took a walk through the town to "Mary Queen of Scot's House". It is a beautiful little home nestled on Queen Street. It was home to Queen Mary for only 4 weeks during which she got very ill and nearly lost her life.

From here, I drove up the hill to Jedburgh Castle which was built in the 1800s as a prison. There is a cemetery next door to the castle, so I took a leisurely walk to take in some of the sights from the hillside overlooking the town and to pay my respect.

After leaving Jedburgh, I headed straight to Gorebridge where my next cottage is located at Arniston Estate. It is an adorable 2 bedroom cottage deep in the countryside just outside of Edinburgh - about 15-20 minutes away. The cottage has 2 floors - the main floor has a large living room with a dining table, a full sized kitchen with breakfast nook, and a queen bedroom. The 2nd story has a large master bedroom and the main full bathroom.

If you are interested in staying at this cottage or others on this estate, visit here - The Arniston House

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