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Day 9: Rosslyn Chapel & Arniston House Estates

Today I wanted a more relaxed day of sightseeing. So, I wanted to focus on just one key point of interest. I have been waiting all year to get to Rosslyn Chapel. As you may know by now, I am a lover of architecture and history. Built in the early part of the 1400s by the St Clair family, Rosslyn Chapel is a very unique building with intricate carvings of stone (hand carved with simple tools on local sandstone).

Every inch of the interior of this chapel tells a story - biblical, historical, personal, and beyond. It is one of the more mysterious places in the world. I was just in awe of the unimaginable craftsmanship that went into this landmark. There was no record of names of the master carver and artisans, but only verbal stories were told of the process. The docents there were fantastic giving a 20 minute presentation of the history of the chapel and the important icons within the carvings.

I wish I could have taken photos inside but it is under protection of the Rosslyn Chapel Trust. But, I was able to take photos of the exterior and then the interior shots are from the guidebook.

The chapel has a wonderful information center full with gifts and souvenirs, as well as a small exhibit and a cafe. I had a delicious lunch of a bacon, brie & cranberry panini with crisps.

I then opted to take in a relaxing afternoon back at the cottage for a bit of a brain break (and my poor knee has been beat up hiking and climbing up all through the castles and ruins the past several days.

So, I took in a leisurely stroll through the Arniston House estate grounds (estate where my cottage is located here in Gorebridge). Arniston House estate is owned by the descendants of the Dundas family and have owned the land since 1571. The house was built and expanded starting from 1726. The family ran out of money in the 1730s but then was able to finished it in the 1750s. Henrietta Dundas is the daughter who owns and runs the estate with her mother. She was so kind and even came by the cottage to check in on me. What a lovely estate and idyllic little cottage. I loved my time here at Arniston!

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