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Planning the Trip: Leg 2... Peebles & The Border Country

Posted: Sept 2015

DAYS 4-7

After leaving Edinburgh city center, I plan on driving down to Peebles (a smaller boarder town 30 miles south of Edinburgh. Peebles is nestled against the River Tweed in the Ancient and Royal Burgh of Southern Scotland. The town center is lined with a mix of Victorian architecture with shadows of its deep medieval history. Peebles will be a great location for some much needed rest after a packed schedule of sightseeing in Edinburgh city. I will be staying in a self-catering apartment in the town center which is centrally located to local markets, shops, quirky pubs and museums. Peebles will also be a base for venturing outwards to the other boarder towns. In Peebles, I will take walk along the main streets and visit historical locations like the Mercat Cross, Tweed Bridge, Cross Kirk, and St. Andrews Kirk.

Here are a few of the sights I will be taking in while touring the boarder country:

Melrose Abbey

It was founded by King David I in 1136, as the first Cistercian monastery in Scotland. The abbey is the burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart, which is marked with a carved stone. 

Traquair House

Traquair House is Scotland's oldest inhabited house. It dates 1107 and was originally used as a hunting lodge for the kings and queens of Scotland. Later a refuge for Catholic priests in times of terror the Stuarts of Traquair supported Mary Queen of Scots and the Jacobite cause without counting the cost. 

Today, it is still used as living quarters in the form of a luxurious B&B, historical site with exhibits, a cottage restaurant and an operating brewery. I am looking forward in stepping back in time at this lovely and picturesque site.

Dryburgh Abbey

About 6 miles from Melrose Abbey, the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey still remains as a quiet site for contemplation. 

Abbotsford House

The home of Sir Walter Scott is an impressive Victorian mansion set in the countryside of Melrose. Built in three phases (1817-1850s) from the successful literary career of Scott. This site has extensive visitor information, exhibits, gardens, tours, and dining.

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