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Planning the Trip: Leg 5... Pitlochry & The Highlands

Posted: September 2015

Days 12-15

Leaving from Stirling, I will take a longer trek working my way up to the southern base of the Highlands to a town called Pitlochry. On the way, I will be stopping into the town of Perth which is home to the Black Watch Museum which sits in Balhousie Castle.

Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries. Today they are most known for their Royal Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle each year. 

From Perth, I will take the scenic driving tour up to Pitlochry. I will be staying at the Atholl Palace for a relaxing retreat. Upon arriving at the Palace, I will be greeted with a private Tea.

The next day I plan to have an early spa treatment before setting out to drive through the highlands. That evening I will be taking part of the Pitlochry Enchanted Forest lighting festival - where the entire forest is illuminated. This year's theme is Flux - movement, waves and energy. The festival includes light shows, living history, storytelling, amazing food, and a lot of mystical magical fun.

On Day 15 I will return back to Edinburgh to return the car and unwind at a hotel near the airport. I will be catching a very early morning flight going through Amsterdam back home to Oregon. 

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