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My Top 10 Favorite Joyful TikTok Creators to Follow

Prior to March 2020, I knew nothing about TikTok or ever believed I would download the app as I thought it was just 'for the kids'. Even at 37 years old, I am becoming more and more aware of my growing age every time I interact with some tween that is essentially speaking a completely different language.

But, of course, like so many of us over the course of the Covid pandemic, I found myself having a curious moment in the drawn-out repetitive evenings of being in lockdown. So, I downloaded the app hesitantly, fumbling through to figure out how it works while googling terms like FYP, with every intention of giving up and deleting it. When thumbing through a small series of content in perfectly delivered under-60-seconds videos, they just kept scrolling. Four hours in, it felt like only a few minutes went by. How in the hell did I get sucked into this? How many pointless dance challenge videos did I see during this time and why was this even entertaining to me? It was a complete escape from what stresses I was feeling with the world literally on fire around me. Through my screen, I found myself connected to millions and millions of others across a wide variety of content. As the algorithm learned the type of content I wanted to see, I discovered huge communities of like-minded people all coming together through either producing content or consuming it.

2020 delivered to us an insane amount of turmoil, stress, loss, anger, confusion and so many other emotions with the events that have unfolded. Through TikTok I found joy and laughter, moments of absolute heartbreaking or heartwarming stories that brought me to tears in seconds, and togetherness through tightly knit communities at the center of fat liberation, BLM, LGBTQIA+ and women's movements... and maybe lots of smh moments at the streams of Karen and Chad anti-masker videos.

So, with all of this said, here are my top 10 favorite content creators on TikTok to follow. This is an incredibly hard list to downsize to just 10! I am currently following over 400 accounts on TikTok and these are the top 10 I tend to rush to see their content first. I will publish more lists by theme soon so I can feature additional creators with you.

10. @the.marchie

It's the news-of-the-weird styled historical facts content mixed with one of the most contagious laughs in the world for me. Just watching one of her vids on a gloomy day with brighten your entire week! That laugh.. gets me every time.

9. @steplylli

It's her adorably irresistible personality, just-feels-like-we're-friends-now vibes, and satiable recipes for me. Her videos always make me feel warm and welcomed and safe and like everything is going to be ok.

8. @abbycomesalong

It's the beyond-her-years intelligent observations and wildly creative storytelling abilities from a 4 year-old for me.

7. @sarahhesterross

It's the stomp-the-patriarchy messaging creatively told through music parodies for me... well, and the horrifying and hilarious news on Florida Man Fridays. Oh, and she slays at singing.

6. @embrenn365

It's the hardcore princess energy, one of the most expressive and energetic faces to watch, and the best lip syncing acting for me... and those dresses, babe! Stahhhp. It's also her let-me-help-you-fix-your-crown energy for me too.

5. @madozilla

It's the well-aren't-you-captain-obvious-but-let-me-say-something-even-more-ridiculous-to-show-you-that-bitch-you-don't-phase-me vibes for me. Madison's sense of humor is like putting Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Fortune Feimster together into a single human being. Her attitude and responses to trolls is an example of how to not let it phase you and instead throw it back with such comedic force.

4. @yoleendadong

It's the matter of fact, slightly depressed, self-defacing humor grounded in one of the most amazing humans to exist vibes for me.

3. @christines_snaps

It's the this-all-started-because-I-bought-a-cactus, naturally funny, extremely creative, don't-tell-my-mom, let-me-warm-your-heart-with-my-infectious-sense-of-humor vibes for me.

2. @celinaspookyboo

It's the dark queen slaying-it energy, absolute goofball-ery, thrill for the spooky side (yes, she drives a hearse), badass boss babe vibes, and side-aching hilarious sleep-walking content for me.

1. @aliciamccarvell

It's the #relationshipgoals, body loving messages, booty poppin' gym sessions, and unfiltered commentary on life for me.


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