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Finding Her: Podcast Episode with Julia Busby

Amongst the crowd at a women's conference in April 2019 was Julia Busby. Inspired by my speech about my personal story and finding my voice through the self-love and body positivity movement, she reached out to me to connect. We met one evening over tacos & guac and got lost in time while sharing our personal stories, struggles with mental health and self-love, and shared endless ideas for the vision we both have for an inclusive future.

I was ecstatic to learn that Julia had just launched her site, podcast and started writing her book. Learn more about Julia here. Her rich storytelling, her passion for spreading love, her honesty and vulnerability in sharing her story, and her transparency behind the many struggles that life brings to us is a comforting voice to hear from. Every week we get to listen in to her podcast soaking up advice, perspectives and reflections just as if she is already our sister or best friend. Sometimes I forget that I am listening to a podcast and start talking back to Julia as if she can hear me. Find her podcast on many platforms including Spotify.

I was beyond honored to receive an invitation to come and be a guest on an episode of the Finding Her podcast. Below is a summary of the podcast and be sure to listen in! You can find the episode on Spotify, Anchor or Apple Itunes Podcast.

About this episode:

Episode 17

SEP 11, 2019

56 MIN

On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia introduces Carrie Beth the founder of Curves With Kicks!

She will share her story which was inspired after decades of body image issues, low self esteem, multiple failed diets and a vicious cycle of self-hate, one day Carrie Beth decided she was done with feeling this way for simply having an over sized, curvy body that didn't fit into society's beauty standard. She discovered the body positivity movement which brought her into a loving and empowering community where she learned self love and acceptance. Building a 15 year career in the sports apparel industry at a world leading sportswear company, Carrie Beth finally found her authentic voice through the launch of the Women's plus size line in 2017. She was inspired to get involved, influence the work and build a platform of education, awareness and activism for her fellow employees. From there, her impact grew as she created experiences at her company headquarters launching programs like women's holistic health and wellness, mindfulness and meditation and body positivity. For her, these past two years have been all about confronting her past demons, a journey of self discovery, taking control of her happiness and thriving in a world of positivity!! Julia and Carrie laugh and both connect and share stories and tips for others that are still on their journeys of self discovery. Changing mindsets, awareness, language we are using, loving the skin we are in and how society and our environments have influenced young girls to hate the bodies they are in. This is such an important topic to discuss and we are here to share and help all of our Finding Her listeners. keep in mind around 40 minutes we had a tiny mess up (but hey that’s the story of my life) Enjoy! Find Carrie Beth at: On the Gram, Facebook, and Twitter @Curveswithkicks Blog/website: Email:

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