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New Year, Same Perfectly Me.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Happy BELATED New Year, but most importantly, Happy INAUGURATION DAY! Four years of intense division in our country all came to a head over the course of troubling and outrageous events these past couple of weeks. However, today we all woke up to the positive light of change and voices of kindness, unity, and hope to guide our nation through a challenging time ahead of us all. I was overtaken with emotion witnessing our first-ever female VP who happens to also be the first-ever black and Asian-American to take the oath of office today. I was also incredibly moved by the truthful words of young poet laureate Amanda Gorman.

Amongst the never-ending news headlines, the start of 2021 was of course traditionally coupled with the onslaught of "new year, new you" advertising campaigns centered around diet and fitness culture. I hope that you are able to mute those messages directed at you and find peace in your body and your soul as it is right now. Although practicing self-love may materialize for yourself in changing eating habits or include intentions of moving your body more (for health reasons). However, my hope for all of us is that we stand firm to not confuse our value and worth by how we look, the pant size we wear, or how well we achieve those resolutions. At the end of it all, even if that scale doesn't show a smaller number, or those pants fit a little snug, or those blemishes don't seem to fade, know that you are valued, loved, worthy, beautiful as you are. As we have all learned over the course of this past year, there are many more things that far outweigh importance of priority than us spending unnecessary energy spinning on negative superficial things.

Subscribers to my site will have access to this month's free coloring sheet. And, on that color sheet includes a mantra that I will continue to recite to myself throughout the year.

"I am all that I am supposed to be.

I am worthy of all things good.

I am deserving of love.

I am loved."

If you cannot find truth in these words, keep repeating them. Repeat them in moments of quiet solitude - meditate with them and take deep, slow even breaths as you consume those words. Find peace in these words. Find peace with yourself. And if you still struggle to believe them, reach out to your community of supporters, reach out to me. You are deserving of love and kindness - and sometimes we just need the help from a friend to show us that we do.

Good things are ahead of us especially if we stick together. Sending my absolute love and positivity your way. More to come from me and blog content very very soon!

xoxox Carrie Beth, CurvesWithKicks

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